The Principles of Successful Freelancing

I'd advise those looking to start freelancing to get a good book on setting up your own business first. This book provides information specific to freelancing that will make it a useful second book but does not provide sufficient depth of information to work by itself.

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For someone who is considering going freelancing this book provides a whole lot of useful information that shows the basics of what freelancing involves and many of the things that a freelancer needs to consider that those just starting out often overlook. The problem though is that the book just provides a basic introduction to each aspect of freelancing and then moves on to the next. It doesn't cover any of the subjects in any great depth.

There are also some parts of the book that explain things using terminology that relates to just one or two specific countries rather than explaining it in more generic terms and then explaining what those things might be called in your country. That means that those sections of the book are meaningless to anyone not living in a country that calls them what the book refers to them as since a beginner has no way of knowing what the local equivalent is.

The book also attempts to provide some useful information to those who have been freelancing for some time and are looking to decide where to go to take it to the next level or even to get out of freelancing. This attempts to extend the usefulness of the book over a longer period but it also means that there is less in the book covering the early stages.

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