GFI Backup

Not as good a product as it initially appears to be. While yjr vonfiguration appears easier than some of the alternatives all is not as it seems.

My Rating: yeshalfnonono




This backup program looks to be much easier to set up than many of the other alternatives since the options are laid out in a nice clear easy to follow fashion. Unfortunately several of the options didn't work quite the way I expected and after setting the program up to take backups of a couple of folders twice a day it had still not managed to successfully complete even one backup five days later (at which time I would have expected to find it writing its 10th backup having previously deleted the first seven).

Probably the most confusing part of the program to start with is the way that it keeps the backup jobs separated by user so that different backup jobs will run depending on which user logs in. Since the backups have the option of assigning which user that they will run as it would make more sense if the backups were not as dependent on which user you were logged in as when first setting up the jobs. In particular it makes no sense for backups that you set up while installing the program not be visible once your run as install completes and you switch back to your regular user account.

You need to be able to rely on a backup program running the backups when it is supposed to and you can't rely on this program to do that.


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