The Book of GIMP

This book not only claims to cover nearly everything that you would ever need to know about GIMP, it actually does what it claims.

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I have reviewed a number of books about GIMP and other graphics software but none of them have been as complete and all inclusive as this one. This book is not a reference to GIMP and not a book on how to use GIMP to perform specific tasks - it is both. No matter whether you are an experienced GIMP user who needs a reference to the more obscure commands or a complete newcomer to GIMP who hasn't even installed it yet, this book is what you are looking for.

The tutorials in the book cover things such as getting started with GIMP (including how to install and configure it), retouching photos, producing drawings, creating logos, and designing web sites. The reference section has one chapter per menu covering all of the options provided by that menu no matter how likely or unlikely it is to be useful to you. The only menu options the book omits are those where their function is so obvious that there is no need to cover them at all. The book even covers how to customise the program so that it works the way that you want it to.

The appendices provide further useful information about GIMP that doesn't fit into any of the chapters within the book. One appendix covers how to install GIMP on various operating systems - useful for those just starting out. Another appendix covers a range of useful online resources about GIMP so that in the rare instance that the book doesn't answer your question you can search for more information online.

No longer is it necessary to purchase multiple books about GIMP in order to have a 'how to' book and a reference, All you need is this one book which really is the complete guide to nearly everything - at least with respect to GIMP.

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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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