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A must have book for anyone wanting to make money from their web site.

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This book provides an extensive resource on how to earn money from your web site through the use of advertising. The book is divided up into four parts with not all parts being relevant to all readers (unless you are interested in how other sites may be making their money).

The first part of the book deals with how to make money from your web site. This section of the book introduces you to the terminology associated with web site promotion and advertising on the web. It takes you step by step through how to promote your web site so that people will visit it as well as the different ways that advertising can be used to make money from the site.

The second, third, and fourth parts deal specifically with Google advertising and cover AdSense, AdWords, and the Google APIs respectively.

Of these sections the AdSense section will be of interest to most people as this covers how to earn money through allowing Google to place advertising on your site. It takes you through the steps involved in obtaining an AdSense account as well as covering how best to arrange your pages to maximize the number of visitors and how to determine the best ad placements to maximize your income.

The AdWords section covers how to purchase effective advertising to promote your web site so as to get more visitors to your site while the API section will mostly be of interest to organisations that handle web site promotion and advertising for a large number of web sites.

This book is an excellent resource for those wanting to earn money from the web. While the book deals mostly with the Google advertising tools there is also a reasonable coverage of the alternatives and a lot of the information presented is relevant regardless of whose advertising program(s) that you use.

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