Managing Image Folders

When you have lots of images stored on your computer, identifying which one contains the image that you want can become difficult particularly if you have a lot of similar images. Paint Shop Pro is not only an image editing program, it also provides you with the means to properly manage the images you have stored on your system.

With Paint Shop Pro you can easily view thumbnails of all of the images stored in the various folders on your system and if necessary can easily access complete information about each image to readily determine which image is which. Paint Shop Pro then provides you with the means to copy, move, delete, or rename the image you have thus identified.

The image management facility in Paint Shop Pro is called the browser and is accessed by selecting Browse from the File menu. This will bring up the folder selection screen.

folder select screen

What you want to select here is not an individual image file but rather a complete folder that contains images. Once you have found the appropriate folder and press the Select button the browser will open. The browser window contains thumbnails of each of the images contained in the selected folder.

content of the browser window

You can now scroll the content of this window to find the image that you are looking for. If you have several images that look the same then you can right click on each thumbnail in turn and select Info from the menu that pops up to obtain more information about the particular image.

the info windowThere is a lot of information that gets reported about the selected image. You get information about the Image Format which includes the exact version of the format that is used and options that are associated with that format. You also get information about the Image Characteristics which includes information on the size of the image both in terms of the width and height of the image when it displays and in terms of the total amount of memory required to display the image. You also get information on the number of colours contained within the image and how they are stored (that's what the bits per plane and number of planes info is all about). Finally, you get File Information which not only tells you exactly where the image is stored but also when the image was last updated and how big the file containing the image is. The file size may be smaller than the amount of memory required to display the image (unpacked size) as many image formats incorporate some form of compression.

Once you have found the image that you are looking for you can either select to edit it in Paint Shop Pro by selecting Open in PSP from the right click menu or you can use the ImageFile menu at the top of the Paint Shop Pro menu which as well as the Info and Open options also contains options allowing you to Copy the selected image to a different location, Delete the selected image, Move the selected image to a different location, or Rename the file containing the selected image. In other words you can do all of the same things as you can do with any file from Windows Explorer the difference being that you have a thumbnail of the image in front of you and more complete information about the image to ensure that the image that you select for processing is in fact the correct image and not another similarly named image.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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