Capturing a Screensaver Image

Question: How can I use paint Shop Pro to capture a screensaver image? As soon as I press the key (or click the mouse button) to capture the screensaver it disappears and all I get is a copy of the desktop.

Answer: Paint Shop Pro has three different ways to trigger the capture. You can set the capture to work from the right mouse button or from a predefined hot key on the keyboard but as you say, when you use these alternatives the screensaver disappears before the screen is captured. The third method is to specify a time after starting the capture option at which the capture will be made.

Set this third option and then start the screensaver (from desktop properties rather than waiting for the screensaver to come on automatically). Provided that you then don't touch anything to turn the screensaver back off it will still be running at the time the screen capture is activated and you will have captured your screensaver image.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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