Hacking The Art of Exploitation

This is a book which in my optioion has misidentified its target market. While the information that it contains will be of great use to those with an intermediate level knowledge of computer security, the huge amount of information crammed into the first few pagesthat attempts to explain all the basics for the beginners does not go into enough detail to actually be useable by beginners.

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When I first read the contents to see what this book was about, my first concern was that the book would make it too easy for script kiddies to expand their knowledge of hacking to the point where they would be able to write their own scripts rather than relying on someone else's. Having seen how technical the book is I am no longer concerned about this as I doubt that any script kiddie will actually have the patience to work through the book and actually learn what the author is teaching. Most wouldn't have the background to be able to understand the concepts and the tools that they already have available to them will probably mean that most wouldn't even bother with this book.

Where this book will be of use is to those people who are actually involved in computer security who already know at least some of the basics that the book covers to a sufficient level to be able to work their way through the book learning how the various exploits work and how to detect and defeat them. The sample scripts would provide these people with a good basis for building a test suite for testing the security of their system to ensure that it isn't open to these exploits.

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