Head First Object oriented Analysis and Design

If you are looking for a book on how to write properly designed Java programs then this might be what you are after. if you want an introduction to Object oriented Analysis and Design then keep looking because this isn't it.

My Rating: nonononono





After the last couple of Head First books that I had looked at I was really looking forward to this one as I wanted to see how the techniques that worked so well in books on markup and programming translated for the entirely different field of analysis and design. Imagine my surprise when I found out that this was in fact a Java programming book with nothing about analysis at all and the only coverage of design being on how to implement an object oriented design in Java. This may be an excellent book on Java but the subject matter is a long way removed from that which you would expect from the title.

I hope that one day a book on object oriented analysis and design is added to this range of books since the teaching style used by the Head First books is excellent. Had the book been named "Head First Implementation of Object Oriented Design in Java" I may have given it four or five stars (had I considered myself qualified to review a book on Java - a language I have never had any need to learn). All I can say is that the coverage that the book supplies on the subject mentioned in the book title is close to zero and I am left wondering if somehow the book title was accidentally switched with that intended for a different book.

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