Head First SQL

Another excellent Head First book and an excellent choice for those wanting to learn about relational databases.

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If you have seen any of the prior Head First books then you will already be familiar with the informal style and unconventional approach that this book takes in making it possible for someone without any background in computers to actually understand both what a relational database is and how to code most of the SQL commands that you are ever likely to need to use with it. In fact this book isn't just for people who are new to databases, just about anyone except those people actually working as database administrators for big companies can probably learn something from this book that will help them to improve the way that they use their database.

The book introduces concepts in a logical order starting with comparatively simple tasks where the more advanced coding techniques are not needed and introduces the various commands and techniques that are the most useful ones that are needed at each stage in the growth of almost any database.

Even many of the more advanced concepts are covered in a way that almost anyone should be able to easily follow so that if your database does ever grow to the point where you need to use the more advanced commands this same book will show you how.

The book not only teaches you how to code SQL, it also teaches many of the concepts of proper database design. Only the more peculiar database normalisations that are very seldom ever needed don't get mentioned.

There was only one thing about this book that I thought confusing. On the back cover there is a quote that claims this book belongs in the penultimate category. If that is the case then what books are that belong in the ultimate category? Is this book really all that far short of perfection to not count it amongst the very best?

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