Head First Web Design

An excellent book introducing many concepts of web design in a friendly way making this an excellent choice for those wanting to start learning how to design web pages.

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For the most part, this book is an excellent introduction to web design allowing you to learn by doing. The biggest flaw is the author's considering screen resolution to be extremely important when what they in fact should be referring to is browser viewport size since knowing that all visitors are using 1600x1200 pixel screens is no help if most of them put their browser and email program side by side on their screen giving a maximum width in the browser of about 775 pixels.

Apart from the obsession with screen size the remaining flaws that I found in the book are really extremely trivial and probably wouldn't even be noticed by most readers. The screen size issue is the only one that would have any affect the actual design process which this book covers in an extremely thorough and practical manner. I particularly liked the way that the early part of the book highlighted the importance of getting the design worked out properly on paper before starting to enter anything into the computer.

Overall anyone who is not already an experienced web designer will benefit greatly from the practical material this book provides.

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