Concealing the Page Name (part two)

You will notice that the address bar contents have not changed. The name of this page is concealed even better than of the previous one because you can't get the name of the page from the frameset.

Anyone can still access the source of this page if they are using Netscape or Opera, or even with Internet Explorer if they disable javascript. Alternatively, they can access it directly from the web cache on their own computer (if they know where to look) so the page source and images are still not completely protected.

The javascript that forces the page to appear in the frame (see previous page) means that not only does the person viewing this page not know what the name of the page is but also even if they did find out, they can only access the page from within your frameset meaning that they have to access your pages in the order that you want them to (unless they disable javascript etc.).

As you can see, it is relatively simple to hide the names of your pages by using a single frame frameset. It is also relatively simple, for anyone who knows how, to bypass these restrictions and access your page source and pictures so while you may like to use the methods that I have mentioned to conceal the names of your individual pages, you should not rely on this for security.

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