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Doesn't always do what its name claims.

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This product sounds really good when you first hear about what it can do, particularly when you find it through a free offer where it claims it will give you a three month premium licence free to try before you buy instead of the three week regular licence that normally comes with the trial. Unfortunately the three month offer I found turned out to be two weeks rather than three months so you can't rely on getting what they say you will get. At the end of the two weeks even the three week regular free trial had expired.

The service provides very few options for customising. The options for rotating through different IP addresses is either limited to USA locations or world wide. There is no option for limiting selections to any area of the world other than the USA. Also the options for which programs it is to be applied to is also limited with you being able to select specific browsers or all programs or from a built in list of programs none of which I have ever heard of. This greatly limits your use of the computer while using this software.

The biggest problem though is that the software will shut itself down without any warning so that any processes connected to the internet at that time will disclose your real IP address to whatever they are connected to, the exact opposite of what the name of this software implies.

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