High performance mySQL

All the advanced topics relating to mySQL that other books leave out can all be found in this one book.

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This book isn't going to teach you how to code the SQL statements to access the data in your mySQL database. There are plenty of other books that cover the basics of creating and using databases. Instead this book covers all the aspects of using mySQL that the other books leave out whick makes it a perfect companion to whichever other mySQL books you may have.

All the serious top end aspects of using mySQL databases are covered in the book including the essential ones such as backups and security, through the extremely useful ones such as benchmarking and profiling through to those that are only needed for databases that will be used by a huge number of people all at the same time such as database replication.

mySQL databases support a number of different ways in which the tables can be stored and this book covers the differences between how these work and helps you to choose which of them is the more appropriate for your given circumstances.

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