Create Stunning HTML Emails That Just Work

An essential book for anyone who sends out email newsletters or any other bulk business emails.

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While the book title refers to HTML emails and the book does contain chapters on how to write HTML emails that will display correctly across all of the different email programs, this book covers a lot more than just that. Whether you actually intend to create HTML emails or just plain text ones this book contains a whole lot of useful information to help you in creating your emails.

The book covers a range of topics including planning email campaigns, how email design differs from web design, what is and isn't supported in HTML emails, and how to make sure that you have the recipient's permission to send them your email (along with how to make sure that they remember that they gave permission).

Email tracking is covered along with the limitations on such tracking such as the fact that tracking how many people open your email relies on their turning on linked images in your email. The limitations on emails is also covered such as how embedding images can ensure they appear even when linked images are turned off but it also increases the chances of your email being caught in a spam filter and how such things as JavaScript and Flash are not supported at all. There is also a rather interesting chart relating to forms in emails that shows which email programs will not display the form at all and which will display the form but will not allow it to be submitted.

Just about everything you need to know about what does and doesn't work is included in this book along with statistics that have been gathered over many years with respect to email campaigns that enable the author to provide meaningful percentages on many aspects that you would otherwise just have to guess.

While there were a few things that the book suggests where I initially thought that the information was incomplete due to the limitations of the approach not being mentioned straight away, those limitations were all mentioned within a page or two so as long as you actually read each section right through, you will get information both on what you can achieve through using selected options and what the limitations of those options are.

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