Describing Your Page to Search Engines

Question: I have a listing in the Yahoo search engine of #19. Instead of my description being the highlighted information a message of "Your browser does not support frames, we recommend you change your browser". Where did that message come from and how do I remove it. I have seen it on others pages when I have run searches also so I must not be the only one. Do I somehow have to enable my browser to support frames? Thanks from a novice page builder.

Answer: Most search engines look for a meta tag in the <head> section of your page such as the following:

 <meta content="what you want the description to say" />

If they find one then the description that they display will be whatever is found in the content= part of this statement. If they don't find one then they usually go to the <body> section of your page (in your case the frameset page) and grab the first chunk of text that will be displayed. Search engines do not understand frames so the text that gets grabbed is the same as will display in a browser that doesn't support frames.

You can fix your problem for future search engine updates by adding the meta tag to your page. This won't update the search engine results immediately, the best that you can do to try to speed up that process is to resubmit you page after making the change.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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