Adjusting for Different Resolutions

Question: I notice that your website resizes when viewed at larger screen resolutions...I have tried to find out how to do that with my website but so far just can't seem to get it. I'm particularly concerned with the 1280 x 1064 for example as I do have 1 monitor that is that size and the page looks horrible.

Answer: Web pages are variable width to fill the screen UNLESS you enclose the content inside of something where you have set a fixed width OR you have all of the individual parts inside objects of fixed width. Either just don't specify a width for your content of use percentages instead of fixed values.

There are basically three different ways that you can specify how the width of your web page should work:

Given the huge range of different screen sizes available today, you shouldn't be defining pages using a fixed width. Also since modern browsers support min-width and max-width as well as width you are not limited to using just one of the three types of web page layout. Perhaps the best of all the options is to use all three together. Define your width to give a fluid width, specify a min-width that applies a fixed width so as to prevent your page getting so narrow that the fixed size elements no longer fit, and provide an elastic max_width so that the lines of text do not get so long that they get difficult to read.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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