Multi-Page Forms

Question: I have a problem with creating 2 to 3 form pages in one form. I want to create a form in such a way that after my subscriber has finished filling out my first form, they click on Next button and the browser load the next form page, and when they finally the form, click on finish, then a confimation page is loaded displaying the subscriber names.

Please tell me how do I go about this? (I use free web hosting).

Answer: The only way that will work for everyone is if you use server side processing to load the values posted from the first form into hidden fields in the second form. Free hosting usually doesn't allow server side coding.

If you use method="get" instead of method="post" on the form tag you can then use Javascript on the second page to retrieve the passed entries and insert them into the hidden fields. This Javascript query string retrieval function that I wrote will retrieve the values for you.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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