No Right Click and MySpace

Question: I was wondering if there is a script that can disable right-clicking for, because you can't use javascript, and thats all I have been able to find. so I need some other kind of script or thingy that will disable it without javascript.

Answer: The only place where it is possible to disable the context menu attached to the right mouse button is from within the operating system - probably by editing the registry since I haven't seen any option to do it anywhere else. That assumes of course that the operating system is Windows. Other operating systems have different functionalitry attached to the right mouse button (if they have such a button).

No application such as a web browser should have any access to override this ofunctionality and will not have such access if security on the system is properly configured. JScript (on Internet Explorer) does allow this function to be blocked or replaced with a custom menu but this functionality is for use on intranets where the configuration of all computers accessing the site is known.

For web pages on the internet there is no way to block the context menu. If your visitor has appropriate security settings then any attempt to block it will be ignored. If they don't have their browser correctly configured to ignore it then they can always change their configuration to get the access back. Even in this situation the only language that allows the web page to try to breach their security is Javascript (or possibly VBScript on Internet Explorer but doesn't support that either).


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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