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Question: I've a problem with my ISP (AOL) inserting JavaScript for its OWN ads into my webpage. Is there any way to either prevent them, block them, or remove them via JavaScript? I've a wee JavaScript snippet that scrolls the screen up and hides the advert banner, but it isn't a perfect solution.

Answer: There are two instances where the web hosting provider inserts ads into your page.

  1. The hosting is paid for by their ads and you aren't paying.
  2. They forgot to turn off the ads when you started paying for the hosting.

Solution to 1 is to get paid hosting rather than free hosting. Some ISPs provide free web space as part of their connection service and restrict what you can use it for, others don't restrict you to personal sites but will insert ads as one of the conditions of making the space available "free".

Solution to 2 is to contact them and get them to remove the ads since if you are paying for the hosting then they have no right to insert their ads into your pages.

If you actually mean that your ISP is inserting ads into the pages you view and not your web hosting provider then the solution is to either switch to a different ISP oryou might try out different web browsers as their code may only be set to insert the ads in a specific browser. This latter is most likely to be the case if they supplied the browser (which would most likely be based on Internet Explorer).


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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