Getting Started with a Web Site

Question: I have probably a stupid question to you but I just started this business and I bought a domain from and now what I thought would be really easy is now taken me nowhere. I was wondering how to start my web page after buying the domain?

Answer: The other thing that you need along with the domain name before you can start building your site is some web hosting space to put it on. Once you have that you use the nameservers supplied by the hosting provider to configure the domain to point to your site. The only other thing you then need to do is to copy your web pages from your computer to your web hosting so that people can access them.

Some hosting providers include the price of one domain in what they charge for their hosting and so if you decide to get both the domain and the hosting from the same place you only pay the one fee to cover both. Where both are at the same place you also save yourself the trouble of having to update the nameserver information as the hosting provider generally sets any domains you purchase from them to point to the hosting you have with them.

Some people recommend keeping your domains and hosting completely separate purchasing them from different providers. So you get the domains from a domain registrar and the hosting from a hosting provider rather than getting both from a hosting provider who offers domains as a side business or worse a domain registrar who offers hosting as a side business. Doing this also means that if you ever have issues with the hosting provider you can simply purchase new hosting elsewhere and upload a backup copy of your site there and then change the nameservers to point to the new hosting in order to completely bypass the hosting provider causing you issues.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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