Blocking View Source - Yet Again

Question: I was searching for an answer to teh question "How do I disable the view source option on a browser's menu" and I came across your answer.

I have to disagree with your answer to the question about disabling the view source menu option. First of all, the goal in not to stopping users from viewing source code, it is to disable the menu option from displaying it.

So far I have seen a method that disables the browser's hot keys and am just curious if that is it. You went to such effort to avoid answering the question and did it so well that I figured asking you to actually answer the question would not be too forward.

Answer: what we are discussing here then is "How to be really obnoxious and drive visitors away from your site". The simplest way to do that is to simply delete your site so that no one can visit it at all.

You need to distinguish between YOUR web page and your VISITOR's browser.

Any interference with browser operation just annoys your visitors and drives them away so as I said before, if that is what you really want then the simplest way to achieve your goal is to delete your site.

Removing the menu options for viewing the page source (even if your visitor allows you to do it) does not stop them from accessing the source through other means. Neither does encrypting your source since the browser has to decrypt it in order to display it and your visitors have access to that decrypted copy with your having no way what so ever to block that access.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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