Parking a Domain on an Add-On Domain

Where your web hosting allows you to have more than one domain within your hosting you will usually have one domain that is the main domain for the hosting and the additional domains will either be parked or add-on domains.

This gives us three different "types" of domain within our account. The main domain is usually set up with the account and must remain attached to the account in order for the account to work. When you wish to change the main domain for some reason you would normally need to contact your hosting provider to make the change for you..

Add-On domains are the extra domains that you add to your account that each display a different web site. Usually these domains will be set up to use a specific folder within your hosting to store the pages for the domain and you define which folder to use when you configure the add-on domain..

Parked domains basically just point to your web hosting in such a way that they act as an alternative way of accessing the pages in your main domain. The parked domain is effectively an alias for your main domain providing multiple ways of accesing the same web pages using different addresses.

You can park a domain for two different reasons. The first would be if you have acquired the domain for future use and are not yet ready to start setting up the pages for it yet. Parking it on your account means that anyone who does type in that domain name at least reaches a web site that belongs to you rather than ending up nowhere. When you park a domain for future use it doesn't really mattter which of your other domains that it is parked on since you are not yet using it for its intended purpose. The second reason for parking a domain is to allow you to promote your site in different ways. For example My site is because the web pages are aimed at an international audience. As I am located in Australia I would like to be able to promote the site locally as well but local search engines etc only accept .au domains and so I initially parked on in order to be able to promote the site locally as well as internationally until such time as I came up with a site to put on that domain. It also allowed me to set up forwarders on email addresses so that if a local person accidentally types .au onto the end of my email address the email will still reach me..

Now that is all very well when the site you want both domains to point to is the one associated with the main domain on your account but parking a domain always associates the domain name with the main domain. What can you do when you want to park a domain onto another domain that is already set up as an add-on domain?.

Well actually the solution to this is rather obvious once you know what the solution is although not necessarily so obvious until someone else does point it out to you..

When you set up an add-on domain you need to identify which folder you want the new domain to point to. The default folder name is usually based on the domain name that you are creating but can be overridden to use any folder that you like. This means that you can override the folder you want a new add-on domain to use in order to point it to the same folder that you are already using for another add-on domain. To park a domain onto an add-on domain you therefore just set it up as a new add-on domain and ust point it to the folder that already exists for the domain you want to park it on.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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