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Question: Write me the steps to get the site a designer has created for me loaded on bluehost.

Answer: First of all has your developer sent you a copy of the pages or are they expecting you to download them from their site? If you need to download them then they should have given you information on how to access that folder on their site via FTP.

As you will need to FTP the files from your computer to your hosting anyway, the first thing you will need is an FTP program. There are some good free ones available for download for example.

To be able to use any of those to connect to either your designer's site to download the files or your hosting to upload the files you need to know three things.

  1. Host name (for your BlueHost hosting this will be the name of your main domain)
  2. Userid (for your BlueHost hosting this is the same as you use to access cPanel)
  3. Password (again the same)

If you need to download the files first then your designer should provide that info. Alternatively they may just send you a copy of all the files.

The FTP program I use is WS-FTP (free version available from the first link above). I have a page with some info on how to use it - basically you navigate to the appropriate local folder in the left window, the appropriate remote location in the right window, select the files you want to transfer and then press the appropriate arrow button in the middle to transfer the files.

Simply transferring all of the files to an equivalent location relative to your public_html folder that they have within the designers site will get the site up and running. This will give one problem though in the future if you want to give limited access for someone to work on just that site once you have other sites on your hosting. To get around that problem the best thing to do would be to set up a folder within public_html and upload the files there. You then need to create and upload a .htaccess file to the public_html folder itself that redirects all access to that location into that separate folder. As the subsequent sites you add will be automatically placed in separate folders (that's how add-on domains work) you can then give someone limited FTP access into one of those folders to allow them to work on that site without their having access to anything else on your account apart from the files that make up that one site.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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