This ad network uses obtrusive annoying ads and pays almost nothing.

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I tried out this ad service for several days and found that just about everything that the web site claims about this particular ad delivery service is the almost the exact opposite of what the site claims.

The first claim that wasn't true is that their advertising opens in a new window hidden under the current window. I saw this script open a new tab in my browser to display an ad with the new tab being given the focus so that the ad showed and had to be closed in order to see the web page I was trying to access. I also saw ads open inside the web page in front of the page content where the ad then had to be closed in order to access the page. At no time did I see a new window opened and so no advertising used the less obtrusive method described on the site.

The second claim that is untrue is that the type of ads delivered by this service pay better than the alternatives. During the three days that I trialled this ad service I had two other ad services running on the same pages at the same time. One of the other ad services earnt three times as much as the InfinityAds and the other earnt twenty times as much.

Note that at no time did I deliberately set out to view the ads generated by this script. All of the access that I did to the pages on this site while the ad script was attached related to general maintenance that I was doing on the site that I would have been carrying out whether the ad script was there or not. My interactions with the ads themselves was the minimum necessary to allow me to perform the task I was accessing the pages for - ie. to close the ads so I could see the page. After three days I removed the ad code for this ad service from my pages. I made no attempt to claim any money earnt from the ads.

Of the various ad services I have tried to date this one is one of the worst both in terms of how annoying it is for those visiting your site and also in the small returns it therefore provides.

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