This in one of the advertising providers of the type that convert words in your page content into links to ads. As such advertisers go this one is better than the others that I have seen so if you want this type of advertising on your page then this is the advertiser to choose.

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Comparing the size of the script that InfoLinks uses with that of competing providers of similar advertising makes this advertiser the obvious choice as this advertising script is only two thirds of an optimal web page in size compared to other scripts which are as much as three to four optimal web pages in size. Add to this the promises that are made on their site of highest payout percentages and guaranteed payments within 45 days and the service stands out as the one to choose if you are looking to add this type of advertising to your site.

In the first six months of having the advertising on my site I think I have only about twice actually seen ads generated by this provider. The rest of the time the only way that I have known that the ads are actually working is the small amount by which my account balance grew each day. The script relies on both JavaScript and Flash being available and even then only works in some browsers and so only a percentage of your visitors will ever see the ads and the more knowledge that your visitors have of computers the fewer of them who will see the ads and the less that you can make from this advertising.

InfoLinks is one of the companies that require that you lodge a tax statement with them clarifying your position with regard to their local tax system before they will pay you. They do not however chase you up to ensure that you lodge the necessary declaration in time for them to meet their payment date promises. Instead they will use it as an excuse to break their promise and not pay you within the 45 days of the end of the first month where your balance has passed USD50 but will instead just hold the payment until you chase them to find out why you didn't receive it. Even if you then provide the required declaration immediately they let you know that they need it (and I had a copy already filled out that I had just sent to a different provider the day before and so was able to forward it to them immediately) they will not then rectify the situation by paying you. Instead they will blame the poor design of their system for their inability to fix their error until the next regular pay run. Despite their promise of payment within 45 days it actually took 62 days for me to receive my first payment due to the poor processes and badly designed system that they use. I suggest that anyone signing up with this service lodge the necessary tax statement with them immediately. That is no guarantee that they will not find some excuse to delay your payment but at least it takes away one excuse.

What you really need to ask yourself is whether the time that you need to spend chasing the support department in order to get them to resolve their errors so that you can actually get paid is worth it in order to be able to place this sort of advertising on your web pages. I guess a lot depends on the economic climate and what sort of return you can get from other types of advertising. Of course if having read this you make sure that you send them everything that they are going to need well in advance then you just may manage to avoid giving them an excuse to delay your first payment.

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