DHTML and CSS Advanced

This is a good book for anyone wanting to extend their knowledge of DHTML beyond the basics covered in the earlier book.

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If you already have a fairly good knowledge of CSS and DHTML then this book might be what you are looking for to take things further.

This book is at an advanced level and assumes that you already have an in-depth understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and DHTML. Provided that you have such knowledge before you start on this book you should have no difficulty in following the subjects covered in this book which covers a range of advanced DHTML topics.

This book is basically part two of the author's book DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web which introduces CSS and DHTML. This book covers a range of topics that build on some of those covered in the first book and would appear somewhat disjointed if you do not have a copy of the earlier book.

Some sections of this book are parts the second edition of the earlier book that were omitted from the third edition. In some cases these sections have not been updated to reflect changes in the latest browser versions. For example the section "Educating the Browser" in Chapter 6 states that the code is only supported by iCab but version 7 of Opera also supports most of the entries shown.

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