Adobe Integrated Runtime for JavaScript Developers

Useful if you want to start using Adobe AIR

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Adobeair is a company that makes air conditioners (oops wrong capitalisation). AdobeAIR is a runtime environment allowing you to run web applications on the desktop without a browser. It used to be known as Apollo before Adobe renamed it after a company that makes air conditioners.

As the product was still in beta when this book was published, the book in fact is not even completely up to date with the beta version available at the time of its release (due to the lead time in producing the book). The book does however give a detailed explanation of how the Integrated Runtime system is supposed to work and how you can program it using HTML and JavaScript (with special extensions).

One thing that is made clear from the book is that Adobe Integrated Runtime uses the KHTML rendering engine and will therefore display pages in a similar way to how they appear in Safari and Konqueror.

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