Ajax Design Patterns

Not your typical Ajax book. An excellent reference for those wanting to enhance their web pages.

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This is not your typical book on Ajax. To start with the introductory chapters at the front of the book take a completely different approach to coding Ajax by starting with how to update the DOM first and then adding the Ajax calls to retrieve the content that is to be updated.

The main part of the book after the introduction is even less like other Ajax books. Instead of providing a series of examples of things that Ajax can do (most of which can be done more effectively in other ways) this book starts by considering a large range of different useful tasks that can't be easily done without Ajax and discusses how you might go about using Ajax to perform those tasks. This makes the book an extremely useful reference for web programmers already familiar with Ajax wanting information on how to use it to implement useful tasks.

Because of the approach taken, not all of the tasks discussed can be easily achieved using Ajax. The difference from other books is that all of the tasks are useful ones and the book considers how to modify the code to achieve the task.

This book is an excellent reference book for anyone with at least some familiarity with Ajax who is looking for useful ideas on how to use it to enhance their web site.

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