Build Your Own Ajax Web Applications

This is one of the few books on Ajax that actually covers new ground that isn't done to death by all of the other Ajax books out there.

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What! Not another Ajax book. With Ajax being flavour of the year with web development everyone seems to be writing Ajax books these days and most of them just rehash the same things over and over.

Not this book though. The unfortunate thing with this book is that it will most likely get lost in amongst the crowd of Ajax books on the shelf in the bookstore when it really deserves a shelf all to itself.

This book takes an entirely different approach to all of the other Ajax books by looking first at reasons why you might want to use Ajax to do something that is actually useful and then demonstrating how you can use Ajax to perform useful tasks. The book also covers the problems that arise when you start using Ajax in your web pages and looks at some alternative ways that you can fix it.

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