The Art & Science of JavaScript

An excellent book for intermediate JavaScript programmers who are looking for ideas as to how to build on their existing knowledge of JavaScript.

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Each of the seven chapters in this book was written by a different author who provides you with an example project where they demonstrate some of the more advanced tasks that JavaScript can perform. Some of these projects are useful in themselves while others serve more to illustrate particular coding techniques but in all seven chapters you are presented with ways of using JavaScript that are not all that obvious to most JavaScript programmers.

This book doesn't present JavaScript the way most people use it, it presents JavaScript the way that it could (and to some extent probably should) be used. While some of the example tasks are not all that useful in themselves, the code used to achieve those tasks demonstrates what can be achieved with a proper understanding of JavaScript. While JavaScript gives the appearance of being fairly similar to a number of other languages, the way that it really works is quite different and the examples in this book make it really clear what some of these differences are.

I do not necessarily agree with the ways that some of the examples have been coded (there are some parts I would have written differently) but then as the first author indicates, there are multiple ways of coding many of the things that can be done with JavaScript. There are also some coding examples included that have me wondering why I didn't think of doing it that way.

For anyone with a moderate level of programming experience this book will provide the opportunity to raise your JavaScript programming skills to the next level.

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