The Book of JavaScript

If you want to know how to write Javascript appropropriate for version 4 and 5 browsers then this is the book for you. If instead you want to write Javascript that works properly in the latest version 7,8, and 9 browsers then put this one back and see what other Javascript books there are to choose from.

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There are two ways to learn a language like Javascript. You can take lessons in Javascript (either in a classroom or from a book) or you can teach yourself by viewing other people's scripts and experimenting. If you use the first method then you learn how to write correct and efficient code. If you use the second method then you learn how to write code that does what you need but which isn't necessarily either the best way to do it or even the right way.

There is no real problem with either of these methods where you are just looking to get javascript to work on your web pages. The problem comes when someone who has learned Javascript using the second method decides to write a book on Javascript and "The Book of Javascript" is one such result. This book is just full of poor and outdated coding techniques such as:

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