JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook

One of the better "Cookbook" books that I have seen. This book includes lots of practical code to perform useful tasks

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At first glance, I was not very impressed by this book as it contains lots of references to long dead browsers and the code needed to support them alongside the code needed by the more modern browsers. The longer that I actually looked at the book though the better my opinion of the book got.

While some of the scripts in this book have been made overly complicated through additional code to support long dead browsers, those scripts can easily be used as is by anyone to provide the functionality in the web page that the script is designed to perform. Those with a greater understanding of JavaScript can delete the relevant parts of the script if they don't require it to support dead browsers and get shorter more efficient code.

There is a very wide range of code samples provided in the book and so it will have something to offer to all JavaScript users regardless of their current level of expertise.

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