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Depending on where in the world a recipe originates there are all sorts of different measures that may be referred to when listing the quantity of the various ingredients.

When you are providing recipes on your site you can make things easier for your visitors who are not familiar with the particular measures that you use by providing them with a calculator that can convert them into measures that are more familiar to them.

To save you the effort of creating such a calculator, I have written one for you that can be easily added to your web page.

Here is the calculator. Simply enter the required value into the input field at the top and then press the appropriate button to perform the calculation.

Note: Not all of the measures this calculator includes have standard sizes. Where alternative sizes for a particular measure exist the calculator may give different from expected results if the size of the particular measure differs from that which I have used in setting up the calculator (for example not all parts of the world consider a tablespoon to be 20ml as it is here in Australia).

To add the cooking calculator to your web page you need to copy the following script and attach it into the body section of your page where you want the calculator to appear.



This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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