DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web

This is an excellent book for anyone wanting a complete guide to writing their own DHTML.

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If you already know HTML and Javascript then this book provides all of what you needed to know to be able to get started with creating your own dynamic HTML scripts. The scripts in the book concentrates on the standard document object model which is supported by Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 6+, and Opera 7+. Most will also work in Opera 5/6.

If you need support version 4 browsers as well then the book refers you to the web site which still has the scripts available from the second edition of the book that supported these browsers.

This book is at an intermediate level and assumes that you already have a reasonable understanding of HTML and Javascript. Provided that you have such knowledge before you start on this book you should have no difficulty in following the subjects covered in this book which first introduce you to the various values that you can set in stylesheets and then demonstrates how you can update these values and the other attributes of the objects on your web page through DHTML.

Most of the scripts in the book work as expected although in some cases the code provided can be simplified somewhat and still achieve the same result. A number of scripts have Internet Explorer code that gets applied to any browser that calls itself IE. There are also one or two that have unexpected side effects such as the script provided to get rid of active link borders that also makes the page impossible to use from the keyboard.

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