JavaScript: The Good Parts

Useful information for any JavaScript programmer although beginners may find it hard to understand in parts.

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As Douglas states in his introduction, JavaScript was developed in somewhat of a rush and therefore contains some ways of writing extremely bad code as well as some extremely good code. Prior to this book the only way that most JavaScript programmers could tell the difference between good coding and bad was through experience and many programmers have yet to learn that difference. There are some constructs (such as with and eval) that are so obviously bad that all decent JavaScript programmers avoid using them. That leaves the many not so obvious bad constructs that Douglas has now nicely listed for us all in one book along with the reasons why they are bad and what we should be doing instead.

The material presented in the book is ideal for experienced JavaScript programmers to improve the way they code. It is also ideally presented for those who already know other programming languages who want to learn JavaScript properly. Where the book is lacking ins that the information it presents is equally useful to people who have never programmed before and who want to start programming with JavaScript. They too could benefit from learning the right way to code JavaScript and would have the added benefit of not having to unlearn bad habits. Unfortunately I do not think many beginners will be able to actually learn how to program in JavaScript using just this book.

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