Head First JavaScript

A web page has three parts - content (HTML), appearance (CSS), and behaviour (JavaScript). "Head First HTML" introduced the first two and this book uses the same fun but practical approach to introduce JavaScript. In this book you will learn how to bring your web pages to life in a way that doesn't put you to sleep.

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The way that JavaScript has changed over the past few years has made many books on this subject appear somewhat dated. Even many new release JavaScript books still present outdated coding styles in most of their examples. "Head First JavaScript" still uses some outdated coding techniques particularly in the early chapters but it is just about impossible to provide meaningful working examples to introduce the basics without using such code. Unlike most other JavaScript books, this one also makes it clear right from the start that separating your JavaScript out into a separate file is the best way to code. The book also shows you how to do that as soon as sufficient JavaScript has been introduced to make such code comprehensible.

The order in which this book presents its material is both logical and consistent starting with the basics of JavaScript programming and then moving through functions, objects, and finally on to the most advanced JavaScript code which involves interacting with the web server. While each section of the book doesn't cover all aspects of JavaScript, it covers each area in sufficient detail to allow you to understand the concept and to be able to apply that concept properly in all the JavaScript that you write.

The fun way in which this book introduces JavaScript and the many ways in which it reinforces the information so that you will not forget it makes this a perfect book for beginners to use to start them on the road to making their web pages interactive.

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