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For anyone who knows JavaScript reasonably well and who wants to use jQuery to increase their productivity in writing JavaScript this is a perfect book. Many of the things that are relatively complicated to code yourself and really straightforward using jQuery are covered in this book which explains both why you should code it a particular way and how it works.

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A JavaScript library is not a great deal of use unless you know how to use it properly. There is little point in having a library that is supposed to make things simpler for you if you end up with code that uses the library that is al long and convoluted as you'd need without the library. This particular book covers over 180 "how to" uses for the jQuery library and not only shows you how to write your code in the most effective way to deal with those requirements, it also explains why you should do it that way and how the code achieves the desired result.

By writing your JavaScript the way that this book demonstrates you will achieve the greatest benefit out of your decision to use the jQuery library as a part of your code.

The book begins with a list of a whole series of benefits that you can achieve by using the jQuery library instead of writing all your own JavaScript code or using an alternative JavaScript library. The rest of the book shows you how to achieve those benefits.

Also, while the book does not set out to teach jQuery, anyone with a decent knowledge of JavaScript should be able to make use of the book without first needing to get a separate book on jQuery. jQuery itself is written entirely in JavaScript and so all that any JavaScript programmer needs to know in order to be able to use the library is what calls to the library to make in order to achieve the desired processing. As the book starts with the basic functionality that the library provides to make interacting with the web page easier the book should be quite usable for an experienced JavaScript programmer to use as their starting point for incorporating jQuery into their pages. I could even go so far as to say that someone who isn't able to take the information that this book provides and be able to properly and effectively use jQuery without first needing to read a beginners jQuery tutorial probably doesn't know JavaScript well enough to be using a library at all since JavaScript libraries can only be used effectively when you know enough JavaScript to know what it is that you are trying to achieve. The book does recognise that there are many people who do try to use jQuery without understanding JavaScript well enough to use it properly as at one point it asks experienced jQuery users to go easy on those posting simple JavaScript questions in jQuery forums.

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