JQuery Novice to Ninja

An excellent book for the intermediate JavaScript programmer looking to use JQuery. Not so good for those without prior JavaScript knowledge as the book doesn't make it clear where using ordinary JavaScript will be a more effective choice.

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Perhaps the biggest problem with this book is the audience it is written for. The book assumes little or no prior knowledge of JavaScript and introduces you to JQuery on that basis. Unfortunately what that means is that many of the JQuery examples particularly in the earlier part of the book involve as much (or nearly as much) JQuery code as would be required to write the equivalent in ordinary JavaScript. If those are the only uses you are making of the JQuery library then you end up with code to download of many many times the size you really require. Those sing the book without a prior knowledge of JavaScript cannot tell from the book where using JQuery is appropriate and where using some simple JavaScript without JQuery would be the better alternative.

Assuming that you do come to this book with a reasonable prior knowledge of JavaScript then those few times that the book discusses how JavaScript itself works will serve to show you just how the JQuery code can be combined with any other JavaScript code you need. This will allow you to make use of the best features of the library when appropriate while still using ordinary JavaScript when that is the more appropriate option.

The material covers all of the different tasks where JQuery is designed to make writing your JavaScript simpler and covers each aspect in a logical order where the information in the later chapters builds effectively on what comes before.

For someone with a reasonable knowledge of modern JavaScript this book will provide you with everything you need to know about JQuery. For those who don't know JavaScript I recommend learning JavaScript first and then return to this book.

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