jQuery Pocket Reference

This pocketbook will easily allow any JavaScript programmer to work with jQuery.

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This is the most practical book on jQuery that I have come across. Not only is it a convenient size to fit in your pocket but it also covers jQuery in a clear easy to follow way that will allow any JavaScript programmer to easily understand and work with any jQuery code that they come across. It may even convince some of the advantages of using jQuery as the basis for their future JavaScript programming.

As the book recommends using the minified version of the library and also recommends getting it from a shared location where at least some of your visitors will already have the library in their cache means that the size of the library is not such an issue - particularly if your script is going to make use of a significant fraction of the functionality of the library. With the explanations provided in this book it will be much easier for people to make more effective use of the library so that the library can be used to make your JavaScript even more efficient.

There is one other way in which this book differs from some of the other jQuery books that I have seen and that is that this book actually specifies right at the start the appropriate level of JavaScript knowledge provided to be able to make use of the book. That knowledge of JavaScript is really required to be able to use jQuery properly and so it is really yet another positive for this book that it actually points that out. Hopefully many of those using jQuery without the necessary prior knowledge of JavaScript will obtain this book and after reading what the prerequisite JavaScript knowledge requirement is will then decide to learn the necessary JavaScript (and so improve their ability to use jQuery by 1000%+.

Overall an excellent book that clearly achieves everything that intends.

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