Learning Javascript

This is quite a reasonable book on Javascript for beginners through intermediate Javascript programmers. The book provides good coverage most aspects of Javascript with only a few obvious gaps.

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Most books written for Javascript beginners concentrate on just showing you how to use Javascript to produce a few commonly used effects and functions and don't properly cover the rest of the language the way this one does. Books which do cover Javascript as a proper programming language tend to assume that the person using the book already has some background in programming. This book falls somewhere in between which makes it the ideal choice for someone just starting out with Javascript who wants to learn Javascript as a proper programming language.

The only flaws in the book are relatively minor but appear constantly through the code examples such as the use of an XHTML doctype with Javascript code that uses document.write or document.writeln both of which will not work with web pages that are actually delivered to the browser as XHTML. This could have been simply fixed just by specifying an HTML doctype for the examples rather than an XHTML one.

This would have been an excellent book for people to use to learn Javascript about three or four years ago. It still is a good book provided that you make allowance for the changes that have taken place in Javascript in the last few years which are not adequately covered in the book.

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