Professional AJAX

A book for the programmer with a good knowledge of Javascript, XML, and at least one server side language wanting to combine these skills to produce client/server web applications. Provided that you have a sufficient understanding of programming to follow the examples, this book will introduce you to the real future of client/server interaction on the web as well as providing you with some of the tools that will make implementing this type of interaction much easier. A must have book for anyone wanting to use Ajax.

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AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) is a technology whose time has come and this book demonstrates dozens of different useful ways to use this technology to achieve many different useful web site enhancements. There have been huge advances in what can is available to help you use this technology since the first edition of this book was written and the authors have added almost 200 extra pages to the book and made significant changes to the existing content to reflect this.

The book assumes a reasonable knowledge of Javascript, XML, and at least one server side language. While the examples in the book each use only one of the three server side languages, the corresponding code for all three languages is available for download from the publisher's site.

This edition is greatly improved compared to the first edition and covers Ajax in a far more thorough and unique way than most of the other books on this subject.

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