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For maximum security you should use a different password for each web site that you sign up with. Doing so then leads to the problem of selecting a suitable password to use for each site, remembering all of your passwords, and remembering which password belongs to which site. Some sites make it more complicated by requiring that your password contain a combination of upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and perhaps even special characters. Also some sites specify the length that your password should be.

The solution to the problem of remembering all of your passwords and which password belongs to which site is to use a Password Vault program. These programs store all of your site address, logon ids, and passwords with one master password (that you must remember) that you enter to give you access to the vault to see what all of your other passwords are.

Some of these vaults even have an option for generating passwords for you. Rarely though do they offer you the opportunity to specify anything about the length of the password or what the password needs to contain and so where a site has special requirements or where you want to generate passwords that are even harder to guess than the ones generated by your password vault program you can't use that password generator.

The solution to the rest of the problem of generating long complex passwords is to use the password generator on this web page. Simply fill out the below form specifying what type of character that you want the password to start with, how long you want it to be (between 7 and 20 characters) and what sorts of characters it must contain. The form will then generate a password for you that meets the criteria that you specify.

Password Generator
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This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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