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Web page source can be statically coded or generated from Javscripts attached to the page. The source option in the Internet Explorer view menu and the view source option in the context (right click) menu shows you the actual web page source and not the actual HTML code that your web browser uses to display the page. The difference betwee these two is that your web browser applies any Javascript generated changes to the page source and then translates the code from the defined version of HTML to the particular version that your particular uses.

If you have a Javascript that is supposed to be generating HTML and that Javascript is not producing the desired result on the web page then you may find this bookmarklet useful. Using this bookmarklet you can see the web page source the way that it looks to your browser after the browser has run your Javascript. If you have multiple browsers on your computer you may also find it useful to compare the way that the different browsers interpret your page source.

To install this bookmarklet right click on the above link and select the add to favorites or bookmarks option from the context menu.

Note that this bookmarket will not function on web pages that have coded = null; to disable popup windows and if the page contains an iframe then the source of the iframe will be displayed and not that of the main page.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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