JavaScript Step By Step

Not the best book to use for learning JavaScript but it does cover some aspects of JavaScript that other introductory books don't cover.

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This book is somewhat biased in its approach to teaching JavaScript and not just in the obvious way with respect to Internet Explorer. It actually ignores completely all of the other browsers apart from Firefox. As a result of this there are a number of recommendations the book makes on how to do things that are completely inappropriate once the other popular browsers are taken into account. The book also makes a number of recommendations that run contrary to the modern unobtrusive approach to writing JavaScript.

Here are a few examples of where the book recommends doing something the wrong way or states something that is incorrect.

Apart from these few issues though, the book is very well written and thoroughly covers all aspects of JavaScript as you need to write it for the 1990s through into the future. While I wouldn't recommend using this as the only book that you use to learn JavaScript, it would make a suitable second book introducing JavaScript to give you a different perspective on some aspects of the language that other introductory JavaScript books don't cover.

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