Obscuring Text

This page gives you a simple means of hiding the actual text content of your web page from casual view without affecting what it actually displays in a browser. Note that the resultant code is much longer than the original text so you probably wont want to use it for much of the text on your page. Text obscured in this way can also be used in those html tag parameters that expect text. You may find it useful for helping to concealing email addresses from web spiders.

To use this page just type the text that you want to obscure into the top text box and press the Obscure button. A harder to read version of the same text will appear in the bottom text box that you can paste into your web page in place of the original text. The web browser will automatically convert the codes back into the original text when visitors view your page.

Please note that this conversion will work for any text in your HTML page whether as ordinary text or contained within text parameters in HTML tags or string fields in Javascript. This conversion cannot be used for the HTML tags themselves or executable statements within your Javascript.

Felgall Pty Ltd accept no responsibility for theft of any data obscured with the Javascript on this page.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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