Concealing Link Addresses

Question: How can I prevent the location appearing in the status bar when hovering over links. Like you have done in your "Web Protection Page" ?
Btw. love the website- I am addicted.
Rich Lambert

Answer: Use Javascript code like this:

var tt = "Welcome to my site";
function tf(){window.status=tt;tmp=setTimeout("tf()",5);

This will continually reload your selected message in the status bar concealing anything else that is displayed there.

Note that modern browsers now disable the ability of a web page to update the content of the status bar so as to increase the security of the browser. Some sites changed the values being displayed so as to conceal that certain links were going to different addresses than where the page indicated that they were going so as to redirect people to scam web sites. Any attempts to update the text in the status bar from JavaScript will now only work if the browser owner has specifically turned on that option in their browser.


This article written by Stephen Chapman, Felgall Pty Ltd.

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