DHTML Utopia - Modern Web Design Using Javascript and DOM

This is an excellent book for experienced Javascript programmers looking to modernize their approach to coding. A definite "must have" for anyone who has been writing Javascript for a while and wants to start planning for the future.

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This book describes the "modern" approach to programming with Javascript. It describes the way that the language is supposed to be used to work with web pages in accordance with the standards instead of the messy non-standard approach that most Javascript programmers have been using for many years. All modern web browsers now support this correct way of coding and the older web browsers that don't are fast disappearing so the timing of the publication is perfect.

The book is written at a reasonably advanced level and so may be somewhat confusing for anyone without a reasonable background in Javascript programming but even so the provided scripts are well laid out and ought to be able to be implemented even by novice programmers (although they may not understand how the code works or why it shoulfd be coded that way).

The book also covers a wide range of different topics including the correct way to detect and handle events, how to detect whether a given browser supports the necessary features, web page animation, forms and how to validate them, an advanced approach to creating menus, remote scripting, and communicating with the server. The book is worth buying for these last two alone as all of the information is provided that you need to know to be able to get your web page to interact back to the server (without having to reload the web page) by making use of a relatively new technology known as AJAX.

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