Professional Javascript for Web Developers

If you have a background in programming then this is the Javascript book for you.

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This is the perfect book on Javascript for someone who has a programming background. The book introduces Javascript concepts in the way that programmers would expect. This makes the book somewhat different from what you normally find with Javascript books that are written for non-programmers.

This book doesn't have any of the simple introductory scripts that you find in most Javascript books. Instead the language is introduced from an historical perspective giving an in-depth view of all of the features of the language, how and why they are like they are, and how they fit together. Those scripts that are presented in the book are not fully functional in themselves but instead give you a solid library of objects and functions upon which to build advanced Javascript.

If you are a novice webmaster looking to get started with adding some interactivity to your site then this is not the book for you. If you have been programming in Javascript for some time and now want to learn more about the language and its extensive features or if you are a programmer wanting to get started with Javascript then this book may be just what you are looking for.

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