Javascript for the World Wide Web

This is not only an excellent book for anyone just wanting to add some basic scripts to their web pages, it is also a good book to choose if you want to learn Javascript programming.

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This book starts with a basic introduction to Javascript and proceeds to a reasonably advanced level. Only a basic understanding of HTML is assumed and there are even reminders of what the HTML code means in some of the sidebars. The book presents a significant range of scripts covering a range of different subject areas where Javascript is often used. Enough information is provided with each script to allow their adaptation to meet individual requirements.

The book introduces Javascript programming in a logical sequence and covers the subject to quite an advanced level although beginners should probably skip over the chapters on regular expressions and manipulating nodes until they are comfortable with the rest of the material.

This is an excellent book on Javascript programming and the few flaws (eg. phone number formatting script that will report all non-US phone number scripts as invalid and the recommended top.location.replace() for transferring to another web page that doesn't work in Opera 7) are insignificant when you consider the wealth of useful scripts that come complete with descriptions of how they work.

If you are looking to buy one book on Javascript this one definitely deserves your consideration.

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