Kaspersky Internet Security Suite

For what is supposed to be one of the best programs for detecting viruses this suite certainly caused me a lot of problems. Not worth the money I paid for it as I ended up having to uninstall it after less than two months due to all of the problems it was causing.

My Rating: nonononono




When looking to install a new security suite onto a couple of my computers all the good things I had read about how effective this suite is at detecting viruses made it an obvious choice to buy. Several weeks after installing it I do not feel the same way about it as those who wrote the reviews that convinced me to buy it. As time went on I gradually turned off more and more of the suite and had uninstalled it completely before the end of the second month of the twelve month subscription.

The install process did detect some of the other security products I had running on the computer. It insisted on the antivirus and firewall programs not only being turned off but also completely uninstalled prior to allowing the install to proceed. That's reasonable in most cases since you are not going to need those programs any more.

For some as yet unexplained reason one week after installing the security suite one of the two computers I installed it on started taking a much longer time to boot up (around 15 minutes) and often hung during the boot requiring a reset of the computer and try to boot again. Making sure that all other security on the computer was turned off and that there were no leftover bits of anything in the registry by running a registry cleaner made no difference. Another week later and I turned the computers on in the opposite order and the boot problem spread to the second computer as well. The only way I found to fix this was to turn off the autorun option in the security suite and add the suite to the start folder instead so as to delay the startup of the suite until toward the end of the boot process. Requests for help with this problem from Kaspersky support had them suggesting that there were some pieces of another security program still left over on the computer causing the problem and to try reinstalling and uninstalling that program. My request to them as to where to get that program from resulted in an incomprehensible reply. I still haven't figured out how there could be left over pieces of a security program on a computer that has never had that program installed in the first place.

After installing the suite the amount of spam hitting my inbox increased dramatically as Kaspersky tampered with the spam email so that the built in filtering in my email program no longer recognised it. Even after training the spam filter in Kaspersky the spam was still much higher than before installing and I eventually turned it off so as to reduce the spam in my inbox back to more acceptable levels.

With all the security options in the suite turned on the computers run noticeably slower than before. As there is always a compromise between security and usability and the computer with all the security is unacceptably slow it becomes a matter of working out what aspects of the security suite I don't need to have turned on and to turn those off. That's fine for me to do since I know quite a bit about computer security but for the typical computer user who knows little about security having to change the setup from the default values means that they run the risk of turning off something essential and defeat the purpose of having the security there in the first place.

It doesn't matter how good the suite is at detecting viruses when the way the suite behaves is worse than some of the viruses it is protecting you against. I do suspect that the Kaspersky antivirus program by itself is far better value than the security suite because it is starting to look like that's the only part of the suite that is worth using. In the end I had to uninstall this software after two months when the autorun option got accidentally turned on (which causes my computers to hang) and I ended up with loads of corrupted files as a result. There is no point using an antivirus program that is going to destroy your files for you. This was a complete waste of my money as now I have to purchase security all over again only two months after paying for a 12 month subscription.

After uninstalling the security suite a lot of the other minor problems the computer had been producing recently (such as web pages hanging and having to press ctrl-F5 to get them to finish loading) also all disappeared - obviously caused by the security suite not functioning correctly.

Obviously there are lots of people for whom this security suite functions quite well without any issues at all. The problem is that there are some instances where it causes more trouble than it is there to prevent and no way to tell in advance whether it will work or not for you. If you can find a way to get a free trial then by all means try it and see (but make sure you have full backups of everything before you install it just in case it trashes your system). If you can't try before you buy then try something else instead.

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